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Eleven 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men That Don't Suck

Eleven 40th birthday gift ideas for him that he will actually like

Men are already hard to buy for but what do you get him for his 40th birthday? He has a great job, family, friends and hobbies galore but its hard to find the right thing to put a smile on his face. The last thing he wants are more whiskey/beer glasses or a tee shirt saying that he is 40 years old. Here are a few of our favorite 40th birthday gift ideas for men:

11. Universal Socket for his 40th birthday gift

Man with socket wrench fixing motorcycle

Guys love their tools but what is the only thing better than a bunch of tools? One tool that does it all. Universal socket wrenches like this are versatile tools that fix any stuck bolt, screw or other object that needs fixin. It works on household projects like plumbing or picture hanging or automotive jobs like cars and bikes. 

10. Massage gun for his 40th birthday gift

Man with massage gun

They say the only guarantees in life are death and taxes but aches and pains as you get older is probably a close third place. Massage guns are a great way to work out any soreness - whether it be general tightness from sitting all day or achy arms and legs from moving around all day. Plus, massage guns have come down in price the last few years so if you have not looked recently - check again. The Theragun is the most well known and respected brand. There are cheaper alternatives but they may not last nearly as long as a Theragun would. 

9. Recovery Sandals for his 40th birthday gift 

Black sandals on beach

He may not be a professional athlete but after a long day, guys love nothing more than switching info comfy mode - couch, a beer, sports - you know the drill. What he is probably missing are comfy footwear to wear around the house when he gets home. Recovery sandals - like the ones from Oofos or Hoka - are a great way to relax his feet after a long day at work, in the yard, or just enjoying on the weekends. This gift idea will be appreciated every day. 

8. Million Dollar Collar for his 40th birthday gift 

Million Dollar Collar before and after

Its time your man shirts reflect his age, not his shoe size. If you need a 40th birthday gift idea for a man who wears dress shirts often, consider getting him the Million Dollar Collar. It easily installs in the placket of a shirt so when he goes tieless, his shirt will stay standing and look nice. Million Dollar Collar was started when the founder saw his shirt looked terrible in all his wedding photos. He vowed to never let that happen again (and said I do) and has sold over 500,000 units to date. Million Dollar Collar can be installed at home or a local dry cleaner. This 40th birthday gift idea will be an upgrade he sees every day. 

7. Dapper Guru Soap and Shave Products for his 40th birthday gift 

Dapper Guru soap

Men turning 40 are not known for their skin and beard care and likely buy the generic soaps and disposable razors. Give him the upgrade he wouldn't buy himself and let him experience what an amazing shave and lather feels like for his birthday. 

Dapper Guru makes small batch soaps and beard care products and is owned by a U.S. Army Veteran turned entrepreneur. Dapper Guru products are made and sold out of Montana - talk about mountain fresh! 

6. Personalized Style Session with RealGear4RealGuys for his 40th birthday gift 

Many guys don't think about clothes. They pick a few things they like and then go on autopilot - sometimes for decades. Generally middle-aged gents don't look at what matches, what colors suit them or explore new brands. Shows like Queer Eye have a wardrobe upgrade for a reason - it brings a level of confidence men forgot they had! 

RealGear4RealGuys is one such expert who does style consults. Based in DC, RG4RG has racked up over 10,000 followers to see his wardrobe recommendations and style hacks. Whether your guy needs nicer fitting clothes or one outfit for that special event, RG4RG is worth every cent to deliver on your guy's unique style and is a 40th birthday gift idea for him that will give him confidence every day. 

5. Custom Clothes from Hockerty for his 40th birthday gift 

For the already stylish fellas, Hockerty is an awesome new brand that makes custom shirts, jeans, suits, tuxedos and more. Many brands offer a $100 custom suit but you get what you pay for. For about the same price as off-the-rack clothes, you (or he) can customize the Hockerty clothes to fit his unique style for an awesome 40th birthday gift idea. Choosing his own boot cut on jeans or liner on a suit, get him a piece of clothing that is truly unique to him for his 40th birthday. 

4. Specialty Foods for his 40th birthday gift 

fresh foods at grocery store

If he loves to eat, get him a special version of a common food he already uses. He may not treat himself to the premium versions when he shops but use this opportunity to show him you remember what he likes. Premium coffees/teas, maple syrups, snacks, and deserts all have long shelf lives and will absolutely get eaten. He may end up switching to the premium brand in the long run!

3. Assisted Stretching Session for his 40th birthday gift 

Some guys aren't fans of massages so consider a stretch session. Places like StretchZone work out muscle tightness and aches more than a massage, which is more relaxing but short lived. Plus, a massage may feel strange to give a coworker but a stretch has more of a personal-training vibe so no underlying weirdness with this 40th birthday gift idea. Many locations do half-hour sessions and full hour sessions so you don't need to break the bank for this gift idea. 

2. Leather Luggage/Laptop Bag for his 40th birthday gift 

Leather luggage bag

Leather is always a strong gift idea for him because it lasts, looks nice, and is another life upgrade he didn't know he needed. If he travels, consider a leather weekend bag or bathroom toiletry bag. If he has a desk job, a leather laptop bag. Brands like Fossil and Kodiak Leather Co are great for the price. If you really want to splurge, Saddleback Leather is another to check out to make this a truly special 40th birthday gift. 

1. SnapCollar for his 40th birthday gift 

Guys love their shirts and generally don't love shopping for new ones. "Why buy a new shirt when the one I have fits fine?" Ignore the faded colors and wrinkled collar - men love the shirts they have and will wear them until they fall off. So help him upgrade the shirts he already has as a gift for his 40th birthday. 

The SnapCollar is a way to press collars back into place without an iron or dry cleaner. It clamps on to a shirt's collar and in an hour or two, it gives the shirt a crisp, clean collar. Plus, it keeps his wardrobe looking fresh and may save him an errand.

What is the best 40th birthday gift idea for men?

Hopefully the above recommendations help but remember - he appreciates time with friends, family, coworkers and company more than ever. Whatever you get as a gift, tell him how much you mean to him and spend time however you can - in person, phone, Facetime, whatever. 

Have a favorite 40th birthday gift ideas for men? Drop them in the comments below!

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