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About Us

Our business started as three friends trying to fix untidy shirts. We had button down shirts and polo shirts that were perfectly fine - but the collars sucked. Being a few 20-somethings with limited time and even less income, we sought to see if we could make an easy, at-home solution. 

After entering an elevator pitch competition without so much as a drawing, we made it to the finals and the judges loved the idea. After honing our pitch and creating some 3D printed prototypes, we entered our school's business competition, made it to the finals again, and took home a cash prize. We were on to something. 

After completing our design, we launched a Kickstarter to raise enough money to make SnapCollar a reality. Pandemic and all, SnapCollar raised enough funds to launch to the world. We would not be here if it were not for our countless friends, family and supporters who helped encourage and help us the whole way. 

-Mike, Jack & Tommy