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Let's Fix That Collar

Looking Good Made Easy

Enter SnapCollar

SnapCollar is the new solution to fix winkles, curling corners and creases to give you that crisp, clean look so your shirts look (almost) as good as you do.

Easy and Fast Application

Snap Collar couldn't be simpler to use. Slide the clips up, put SnapCollar over your favorite shirt collar, slide the clips down, and you're done.

360-Degree Solution

SnapCollar treats the entire collar - from curling corners to "bacon collar" and droopy collars all at the same time - so your shirts easily go from messed up to dressed up.

Works On All Shirts

SnapCollar works on all kinds of shirts - polos, oxfords, casual button downs, golf shirts and more - and fits men's, women's and kid's sizes.


Thanks to SnapCollar I'm able to spend more time on what really matters - and still look great!


I need this invention to fix my funky collar creases!

Nathan B.

Makes a great gift - I know so many people who need one of these

Henry D.

From Nah to Yeah

A crisp collar makes all the difference

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