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Thanks to SnapCollar I'm able to spend more time on what really matters - and still look great!


I need this invention to fix my funky collar creases!

Nathan B.

Makes a great gift - I know so many people who need one of these

Henry D.

360-Degree Solution

Skip the magnetic collar stays and iron! SnapCollar fixes curling corners, "bacon collar", and droopy collars - all at the same time - so your shirts easily go from messed up to dressed up.

How Does It Work?

Apply SnapCollar for a few hours before wearing a shirt and our product will slowly press your collar into a crisp fold so you're looking good with no effort.

Works On All Shirts

SnapCollar works on all kinds of shirts - polos, oxfords, casual button downs, golf shirts and more - and fits men's, women's and kid's sizes.

Take Back Your Shirts

Get the one-size-fits-all solution to all your collar problems

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