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5 Reasons Why Bacon Collar is the Worst

Whether it’s with a button-up, a button-down, or polo shirt: you're probably familiar with the dreaded "bacon collar." This is when the collar of your shirt curls up, creating an unsightly bulge that detracts from an otherwise polished appearance. Here, we'll discuss five reasons why you should save the bacon for breakfast and avoid it on your shirt at all costs.

#1: It Ruins Your Look

One of the most obvious reasons why bacon collar is awful is that it can ruin your entire look. You could be wearing the most stylish outfit, but if your collar is curled up like a shriveled oak leaf, all eyes will be on that unsightly bulge. It’s sloppy, distracting, but unfortunately all too common with aged shirts.

#2: It Looks Unprofessional

No matter how sharp your suit or how well-groomed you are, a curled-up collar will instantly make you look disheveled and unkempt. This is especially true in formal or business settings, where appearances matter. Regardless of their kinder natures: supervisors, prospective clients, and even fellow colleagues may see the fashion faux pas as professional red flag.  

#3: It's Uncomfortable

Not only is bacon collar unsightly, but it can also be uncomfortable. The curled-up collar can rub against your neck and cause irritation, making it difficult to focus on anything else. This is especially true if you're wearing a tie, which tightly cinched can push the wrinkled layers into your neck and exacerbate the discomfort—ever have a wrinkle in the insole of your shoe? Same aggravating feeling.  

#4: It's Difficult to Fix

Trying to fix a bacon collar on the fly can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. You might try to adjust the collar with your hands, but it will likely just curl back up in seconds. Shape it with a tightly-cinched tie? See point #3. Ironing or steaming the collar can help, but this requires extra time and effort that most people either don’t have or aren’t willing to give.

#5: It's Preventable

Perhaps the biggest reason why bacon collar is awful is that it's preventable. With products like SnapCollar, you can easily prevent your collar from curling up in the first place. SnapCollar is a press that you can apply to your collared shirt and let sit for a few hours or overnight; in a time-crunch, even just moistening the collar and applying SnapCollar for minutes can still yield a decent result. When you're ready to wear the shirt, remove the device and your collar will stay perfectly in place.

Ready to always have a sharp looking shirt collar? Check out our store where you can find deals on your first order of a SnapCollar pack and say goodbye to bacon collar for good. We guarantee that after using it once, you’ll see why so many others #SnapIn to SnapCollar.

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