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Top 5 DC Area Thrift Shops for Men

Thrift stores rock so we compiled a list of the 5 best in DC for guys. 

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Thirft stores are great for many reasons. First, you never know what you will find! Some stores have tried to replicate the "treasure hunt" but none have truly captured the genuine randomness and deals that thrift stores consistently deliver. Plus, it is cheaper and more sustainable - buying used keeps perfectly good clothes out of a landfill and money in your pocket. The average American discards 80 pounds of textile waste each year.

The DC area has plenty of thrift stores where guys can find new threads. Here are our top 5:

5. Remix Recycling (Bethesda, MD)

Formerly known as Mustard Seed, Remix Recycling has a mix of new clothes from local retailers awe well as used clothes. It is also Metro accessible - located just a few blocks south of the Bethesda stop. The selection lean a bit more casual and streetwear and be sure to look for Sushi, Remix's resident cat, who is often found sleeping in an open suitcase or rug. 

4. Frugalista (Mt. Pleasant, DC)

Largely branded as a women's consignment shop, Frugalista has a solid men's section. We were pleasantly surprised with the number of new short sleeve shirts they had, perfect for DC summers.

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3. 2nd Ave. Thrift (Laurel, MD)

I know what you're thinking - "Laurel? Really?" Trust us. We were blown away at the selection; this store had new J. Crew button down shirts, Banana Republic shorts and tons of other stuff. I ended up leaving with seven pieces. It is a bit out there but if you are in the area, definitely worth a detour! There is also a 2A location in Camp Springs, MD.

2. Bespoke Not Broke (Takoma Park, MD)

Tucked away in Takoma Park, Bespoke Not Broke has a wonderful collection of men's and women's styles with a vintage twist and is the perfect spot to pick up a unique jacket or shirt that will set your style apart.

1. Goodwill (Langdon Neighborhood, DC)

Over by the National Arboretum, DC's only Goodwill has a great mix of casual and professional clothes. I'm biased because I got a new H&M grey sport jacket for $5 and am still riding that high but they have plenty of casual clothes as well. Plus the selection is always new when you go and all proceeds are reinvested in employment education and job training. 

Let us know if you make any good finds this week in the comments below and happy hunting! 

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