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7 Funny Golf Shirts That Will Actually Get Laughs

Funny golf shirts rock

The golf course is a place for you and the boys to play a round, "accidentally" leave your phone on silent, and crush some cold ones on a sunny day. To top it all off, you just got a funny new golf shirt to show off.

Just in time for Father's Day - here are our 7 favorite funny golf shirts that don't suck and will get you laughs for something other than a missed gimmie. 

1. Natural Slice

Black polo with Natural Slice written as pattern

2. Gopher 

Green golf shirt with cute gophers holding golf ball as pattern
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Before and after infographic with messy shirt collar and nice shirt collar



White golf polo with Seinfeld ASSMAN license plate as pattern

4. Fred Flintstone

Golf shirt that looks like shirt Fred Flintstone wore

5. Take A Drop

Blue polo with logo on chest of man dropping a golf ball


6. Happy Gilmore

Golf shirt with references to Happy Gilmore movie as pattern

7. Rippin Butts and Sinkin Putts

Red tee shirt of John Daly putting with text "Rippin Butts and Sinkin Putts"

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Infographic with SnapCollar on buttondown shirts



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