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Shirt collar extenders: What are they and why are they such an essential?

Have you ever struggled with a shirt that fits perfectly everywhere except for the collar? It is frustrating and uncomfortable, leaving you at a business meeting or a wedding gasping for air instead of focusing on anything else.

This is where shirt collar extenders come in handy. But what exactly are shirt collar extenders and why are they helpful for any man to own?

Well dressed man in a white button down shirt buttoned up to the collar

What are shirt collar extenders?

Shirt collar extenders are small accessories that attach to the existing button of a dress shirt. They provide extra room around the neck area, allowing for a more comfortable fit without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe of shirts.

These extenders work by a small expandable chain or fabric expanding to give you the extra stretch (and comfort). They are typically made of metal or plastic and come in various colors for extra style.

Shirt collar expander photos and infographic on how to use shirt collar expander

Why are shirt collar extenders so essential?

  • Shirt collar extenders are small and can be brought anywhere. Leave a few at your desk at work or in your suit jacket pockets.
  • Shirts shrink, necks get a little bigger, and comfort preferences change so you never know when you may need one in a pinch.
  • They are discrete - nobody will know you're wearing one if you are wearing a tie or have a color that matches your buttons. 
  • Save money and extend the life of your clothes. That perfectly good shirt doesn't need to go to Goodwill with a collar extender. 
  • Shirts can run small, especially with a brand you have never tried before. Having a collar extender handy can save you from making a return or a run to the store for a different size
  • Relief for men who experience discomfort or irritation from tight collars.
  • They are a lifesaver for guys who spend long hours in formal attire.

Do I need shirt collar extenders? 

Absolutely. They offer a simple solution to the problem of tight collars, providing added comfort and versatility to a wardrobe. Whether you need a temporary fix or a long-term solution, shirt collar extenders can be a valuable addition to your collection of dress shirt accessories.

Man in black button down shirt sitting relaxed

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