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Shirt collar protector pads: What are they and how did they save my shirts?

Ever found yourself frustrated by the gross, yellow sweat stains on your shirt collars? Everyone has. Sweat, dirt, and oil had turned that new white shirt into a light - or even dark - yellow. What you are missing are shirt collar protector pads. 

Disposable shirt protector pad on a grey polo

What are shirt collar protector pads?

Shirt collar protector pads are thin, adhesive strips that are placed on the inside of your shirt collar and act as a barrier between the fabric of your shirt and all the things that make a collar grimey or discolored, like sweat, oil, and dirt. 

How do collar protector pads work?

Collar pads stick to your shirt collar and absorb what that would otherwise be absorbed by your shirt collar. By using collar protectors, you can keep your collars looking crisp and clean for longer, and save you money by extending the useful life of your clothes. 

Sweaty man in white dress shirt at the office

Why should I use disposable collar protectors?

Disposable collar protectors offer a simple and effective way to maintain the appearance of your shirts.

  • Your washing machine and dry cleaner do not remove all the oil and grime out of your shirt. Synthetic materials like polyester and spandex are especially difficult to clean oils and smells out of. 
  • Feel confident and polished throughout the day, knowing that your collars look new and professional
  • Keep your favorite shirts longer
  • Save time and money on trips to the dry cleaner
  • Save money on buying new shirts
  • Add some color - collar protector pads come in many colors and can variation on a white shirt
So, if you're tired of dealing with stained and worn shirt collars, give shirt collar protectors a try. You'll be amazed at the difference they can make in the appearance and longevity of your shirts.
Sweaty hiker with collared shirt drinking a water bottle

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