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4 Steps to Keep Your Collared Shirts Looking Good

We all have that favorite polo shirt or button-up that never wants to look new again. Whether you got it last month and the material just loves to bacon-collar, or it’s ten years old but worn with love, there are 4 quick steps to keep that shirt looking clean and sharp:

Cool temperatures and mild detergent are your friend

Hot water and harsh detergents have the tendency to pull color from your fabrics, and while you may not see it show up on your white tees, you will notice the brightness fade wash-after-wash. Added tip: consider using a little bleach if the wash is all whites.

Skip the dryer

Next, take that shirt right out of the wash and don’t even think about throwing it in the dryer! Immediately fasten each of the buttons (except the top collar button) to prevent the placard from folding down in the front. If there is a stubborn crease along the holes, smooth it out by rubbing it between your fingers before finishing the buttons.

Apply SnapCollar

After that, attach a SnapCollar to the collar while the shirt is still damp. A freshly-washed shirt with a moistened collar is the perfect specimen for a SnapCollar, and is the easiest way to get the best results, preventing a floppy collar once the shirt dries. Attach the SnapCollar, making sure you leave the collar button unfastened, and place it smartly on a shirt hanger. 

Leave it be

Finally, you are ready to dry the shirt—without the dryer! Take the shirt on the hanger and place it on a door hook, your shower curtain rod, or wherever the shirt can hang out and get dry. Hang-drying your shirt is the best way to get rid of the moisture without all the wrinkles and static from your dryer. And as an added bonus to this one.. You can leave that shirt hanging on the shower curtain rod during your next wash, which will smooth out any small wrinkles with steam right before you throw it on.

    Try each of these tips together, and your shirt will thank you.

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